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Monday, May 25th

Friday, July 3rd

Monday, September 7th

Thursday & Friday, November 26th & 27th

Thursday and Friday, December 24th & 25th

Friday, January 1, 2021

Upcoming Events

💦Splash   Days☀   We   will   start   Splash   Days   on   June   22.  

Your   child   will   need   a  swimsuit,   water   shoes   (if   preferred),   towel   and   sunscreen.  

Mon-   Infants    

Tues-   5’s/School   Age  

Wed-     Twos   

Thurs-   Threes/Fours

Fri-     Toddlers 


We   would   love   pictures   and/or   messages   from   the   children   at   home.   You   are   very   missed   and   we   would   love   to   see   and   hear   from   you.   You   may   message   a   teacher   directly   on   MomentPath   or   email   to .     

We   value   and   appreciate   all   of   our   teachers.   Especially during   this   time   it   is   very   apparent   now   dedicated   our teachers   are   to   the   children   and   the   center.   We   have   had MANY   changes   in   classrooms,   new   policies   and   duties. Everyone   has   worked   together   and   had   great   attitudes through   it   all.  

              We   are   very   thankful   for   our   staff!     

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