Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer tours?

Yes, currently tours are offered after the center closes. Families will tour the center with the director and will be able to see the classrooms and ask questions. Tours must be scheduled ahead of time. 

What is the procedure for dropping off my child?

Upon arrival, you and your child/ren will come to the front entrance. The first set of doors remain open leaving a no contact entrance. A staff member will greet you and will take your child's temperature with a temporal thermometer. Your child will then enter the building and will be escorted to their classroom where they will imediately wash their hands and join the class. Any child with a temperture of 100.4 degrees or higher will not be allowed into the school, along with any siblings or family members. To return, all children in the family will need to be fever free for 72 hours. Also, any child with symptoms will sent home along with siblings and will not be able until symptom free for 72 hours. 

Is there a certain time or procedure for picking up my child?

You may pick up your child anytime throughout the day. You may call, message, email with your arrival time or simply come to the front door. A staff member will greet you and get your child for you. They will wash their hands and be walked out to you at the front entrance. 

With the new hours and procedure, will there be opportunities to speak with my child's teacher?

Yes, there are several ways this can happen. You may set up a time to have a video or phone conference with your child's teacher during the day. You may also call or email with questions for your child's teacher. If you would like to speak in person, request your child's teacher during drop off or pick up time. Moment Path messaging is also a great way to get information or questions to teachers. 

How are the toys kept clean during the day?

Toys a sprayed with a bleach water solution nightly. Toys are also rotated in centers to allow for cleaning throughout the day. Any toys that are put in a child's mouth, appear dirty or frequently played with will be cleaned and returned to play centers once sanitized.

How is the center disinfected?

The centers current hours are 6:30am-5:40pm. The early closure will allow more time for the center to be cleaned and sanitized. Cleaning is done throughout the day but once no child are present, the center is sprayed with a high concentrated bleach water solution on all surfaces. 

What meals do you provide throughout the day?

We serve breakfast, lunch and an AM and PM snack. All meals are prepared in our kitchen by our cook and served to the children in their classrooms. 

What curriculum do you use?

We create theme based lesson plans that change weekly. We create activities and milestone goals based on individual observations and assessments. All lesson plans follow along with the Indiana Early Learning Foundations.